Media Related Industry
Client:Media related industry news information broadcast introduction meeting
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Shiwan GongZai
Client:Foshan ShiWan Street Agency
Service:Brand Identity Design
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Impression Of Lion King Championship
Client:The Organizing Committee Of Guangdong,Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan Lion King Championship
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Senior Forum On Trademark Protection
Client:Leapond Trademark Office
Service:Activity Image Design
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"Collect"Theme Posters Creation 

Client:Foshan Advertising Association
Activity Image Design/Workes Collection/Awards Design
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Foshan Third Outstanding Advertising 
Client:Foshan Advertising Association
Service:Pictorial Design
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Foshan Graphic Designer Committee
Client:Foshan Graphic Designer Committee
Service:Logo Design
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High School Party As A Souvenir
Client:87 Annual Reunion Of Gaoming First Middle School
Service:Books Design
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